Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Etruscan Bucchero in the British Museum (British Museum Research Publication) Paperback – December 18, 2007 by Philip Perkins ( British Museum Press)

This book will remain useful for many years not only as a comprehensive treatment of the British Museums bucchero collection, but also for anyone who wishes to learn more about bucchero in general and to appreciate better its ramifications for our understanding of Etruscan culture

Bucchero is the most distinctive class of ceramic produced in Etruria, Italy, between the 7th and the 5th centuries BC. This publication aims to provide a complete up-to-date listing and description of the collection of bucchero in the British Museum; a collection that consists of over three hundred items including examples of all the important regional productions of bucchero. A previous partial publication of the collection in 1932 is now out-dated and in need of replacement. In addition to being a new, complete, fully referenced and illustrated catalogue, technical aspects of the production of the vessels have been meticulously studied in order to reconstruct a working sequence - detailing the steps in the manufacture of each vase. A final important contribution of the study is the investigation of the formation of the collection, which dates back to 1756, and the history of the study of bucchero.

About the Author
Philip Perkins is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Classical Studies at the Open University, with extensive research interests in Italian archaeology, particularly Etruscan studies.

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