Thursday, August 30, 2018

The War on Women in Israel: A Story of Religious Radicalism and the Women Fighting for Freedom Paperback – April 1, 2015 by Elana Maryles Sztokman (Sourcebooks)

I believe whenever religious extremists take over, women suffer the most. This novel is a nice insight into a topic I had not heard of either. I'm aware of some women in Saudi Arabia, Iran, or Afghanistan that suffer; but, I wasn't aware of oppression happening with Jewish women. They're a minority group that value education and justice, so it was quite surprising to read a different side to some Jewish people.

A lot of the injustice occurring with Jewish women reminds me of what happens in some Middle Eastern countries. I'd like to know why the oppression on Israeli women is so hidden in the media, and why no one questions it? Yet, Islam is all over the news, and the media gives such a bad reputation of it. I think it's time people should admit it's never the religion at fault, but the people themselves.

The War on Women in Israel shows segregation of women and men. Some of the details are disturbing and thought provoking. Women are being mistreated, and their rights are being taken away. The men are being taught that women are sexually provocative, which is quite mind blowing. I really dislike when people make inaccurate conclusions using religion to make a point. I don't believe any religion can harm anyone's rights though - people just like to misuse religion. I feel like culture and religion are being mixed, they're two different concepts!

It's not fair for someone to use religion to justify misogyny. Segregation does occur in most religions, but that's so that the two genders do not mix. No religion is ever too extreme, some people make it seem extreme. I don't believe the author is being a feminist, speaking out against women's injustice is not being a feminist. It's just being a good human being. Sztokman is actually a religious woman; I like how her central theme states people should be able to impose religion on others. I do like that there is change happening, and that the author also includes success stories.

This was quite a depressing and disturbing novel to read. The War on Women in Israel is a great non-fiction book. It reflects on the things that are happening in Israel right now. Again, this is a thought provoking story, and I would recommend reading this novel. It's an eye opener to injustice that is happening in Israel right this moment.

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