Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Simulacra and Simulation (The Body, In Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism) 14th Printing Edition by Jean Baudrillard (Author), Sheila Faria Glaser (Translator)((The University of Michigan Press)


I came to the conclusion that no one understood the purpose or meaning of this compilation of essays. Most of them rated it highly and read it because Neo (from the Matrix) happened to own a copy.
If you wish to understand this book, first please understand the fundamentals of the Post Modern Condition!! Then you can comprenhend the true meaning of this book.

The book explains the trend of cultural materalism in our current society that has created subcultures and materalistic trends (fashion, music, art, ect.), that are based on nothingness. They are purposeless and have engulfed in many different ways our society and everyone in it.

The seduction of materialism has led to APATHY for the real issues in the world, and has caged each one of us in our own hyper reality!!!

That is the message in this book. My sysnopsis is far too short, because it is very difficult to explain this book an its meaning in such a short paragraph. Once you have read it and understood it, you will see why the Matrix movie alludes to this book, and uses quotes from the book throughout the movie.
The seduction of materialism has led to APATHY for the real issues in the world, and reality itself has faded from sight!!! This is the true meaning of this book, and it explains how through simulation, simulacras become real, and lead to a culture built on nothingness, thus an inevitable self inflicted NIHILISM for our society!!!. Real information is distorted through every median it travels through, from biased opinions to exaggerations, and parasitic materialistic trends from either corporate marketing schemes or cultural insecurities, this distorion turns reality into a hyper reality that each one of us is living in.

This book and the study of the Post Modern Condition have led me to be a better, more moral person, by rejecting the socioeconomic garbage that our society tries to feed you in different forms, everyday of your life.

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