Friday, August 31, 2018

The Secrets of Economic Indicators: Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment Opportunities (3rd Edition) 3rd Edition by Bernard Baumohl (FT Press)

The #1 Plain-English Guide to Interpreting and Using Economic Data--Now Fully Updated! 
New analyses based on up-to-the-minute data
New easy-to-understand graphics
New real-time indicators for anticipating global economic swings
New forward-looking domestic economic markers

More than 80,000 investors, strategists, and policymakers have used this unique book to make smarter decisions and more profitable investments! Now, renowned economic analyst Bernard Baumohl has completely updated his best-seller to reflect the newest global and U.S. indicators and data. Baumohl identifies powerful new indicators of emerging economic shifts, eliminates indicators that have lost predictive value, and explains key points using powerfully intuitive new visuals. The Secrets of Economic Indicators, Third Edition, is simpler, clearer, more relevant, and even more indispensable!

If you want to translate economic data into better decision-making and higher profits, The Wall Street Journal says one book is “the real deal”: Bernard Baumohl’s The Secrets of Economic Indicators. Now, Baumohl has thoroughly updated his classic best-seller to reflect today’s most valuable U.S. and foreign economic indicators and offer new insights into what they mean.

This brand-new third edition introduces many new, forward-looking economic markers, including those that monitor small business plans, freight traffic shifts, Web searches, and even gambling. Baumohl identifies new real-time foreign indicators that help anticipate swings in European and Asian economies and reveals how the financial crises have changed the behavior of even the most familiar indices. Baumohl also lists some free cell phone apps that will keep you on top of the economy and financial markets wherever you are.

New graphics make it easier to understand how key indicators impact interest rates, bond and stock prices, and currency values, and Baumohl has systematically updated his comprehensive listings of U.S. and global Web-based data sources.

Which economic indicators matter most today? 
Choose the indices that offer the best predictive value and most crucial insights
How has the new global economic environment reshaped the use of indicators? 
Understand the implications of deeper economic integration and increased sovereign risk
How do you transform data into better investment decisions? 
Discover how key indicators impact interest rates, bond prices, stock prices, and currency values

About the Author
Bernard Baumohl, Chief Global Economist at The Economic Outlook Group, oversees its forecasts of economic trends and geopolitical risks. He also conducts seminars on how corporate leaders and investors can use forward-looking economic indicators to stay ahead of the business cycle. He has lectured on economics at New York University, Duke University, and the New York Institute of Finance.

Baumohl was also an award-winning TIME magazine economics reporter who covered Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and the White House. As an economist for European American Bank, he conducted research on the global economy. He also served as an analyst with the Council on Foreign Relations. Baumohl has a Master’s degree in international affairs and economics from Columbia University.

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