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White Heat 25 Hardcover – April 7, 2015 by Marco Pierre White (Octopus Publishing Group / Mitchell Beazley)(IBRCookBooks)

This cook-book is a great read for those looking to explore cooking techniques of classic french cuisine that was popular in the early 90's. In the book you will find the recipes used in Marco's five part mini series which aired in the spring of 1990 called ' Marco Cooks For... " featuring chefs like Nico Ladenis and Albert Roux. This book is really part memoir and an homage to the chefs he respects and had worked for in the past (up until that point -1990)

This is the only cook book that I truly enjoy reading for the recipes as well as the anecdotes. It can almost be read as a novel. You will be briefed on Marco's early years as a child in Italy, as well as his journey cooking his way through some of the best restaurants in Britain. By page 20 you'll realize he has a mad passion for food and that in itself is compelling enough to keep you entertained. Not to mention the food is amazing.

A 25th anniversary edition of the collection of classic recipes from the 'enfant terrible' of the
UK restaurant scene, featuring striking photographs of his kitchen and his cooking.

Once in a blue moon a book is published that changes irrevocably the face of things. White
Heat is one such book. Since it w as originally produced in 1990, it has gone on to become
one of the most enduring classic cook books of our time. With its unique blend of outspoken
opinion, recipes, and dramatic photographs, White Heat captures the magic and spirit of
Marco Pierre White in the heat of his kitchen. 

Marco Pierre White, the original 'enfant terrible', has earned his place in British culinary
history as much for his strong temperament as for his unique talent as a chef. The
youngest chef ever to earn three Michelin stars, he has become not only a star chef of
international renown and food icon of our time, but also a multimillionaire entrepreneur. 

White Heat has combined sales of over 75,000 copies since first publication in 1990
This immensely influential cookbook is regarded by many chefs and foodies as one of the greatest cookbooks of all time
Features 73 recipes and reportage from behind the scenes in Marco's kitchen, illustrated with iconic photographs by Bob Carlos Clarke

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