Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Stylish Life: Tennis Hardcover – March 27, 2015 by Ben Rothenberg (teNeues)

This is a picture book. For coffee tables. If you are into sports fashions, you'll find this book of interest. If you are a hair style freak, the "do's" displayed over the years will mstake you laugh, or cry. If you are a tennis player and older than 21 years old, you'll find this book interesting for the tennis eras it displays. If you are a senior aged tennis player you will find this book fabulous. Its very well edited and organized and will provoke many memories of tennis life thirty, forty, fifty years ago. The narrative discussion actually enhances the pictures by nicely setting the context.

More than "just a game," tennis has always been a sociable pursuit where whom and where you play defines the whole experience. An entire culture has developed around this chic pastime. Witness a whole pantheon of tennis legends who combine athleticism with stylish flair while experiencing the charisma of such modern stars as Maria Sharapova and the charm of all-time great Arthur Ashe. From Wimbledon to other prestigious venues around the globe, tennis courts are a place to see and be seen--and admire the skill of the players, of course! Crisp, sporty tennis outfits by the likes of Lacoste and Fred Perry--beautifully showcased here--epitomize a relaxed yet active life. The Stylish Life - Tennis will inspire you to brush off your volley--or at least dream about taking part in this leisurely, sophisticated world..

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