Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Provence: People, Places, Food: A Cultural Guide Paperback by Cheryl Robson (Aurora Metro Press)

Provence, a region in France that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Alps, features a temperate climate that attracts the rich and famous and has done for centuries. There is a lot of history in the area, many interesting vistas to view, and historic landmarks to admire. To understand and appreciate the area, one cannot just rush from one tourist landmark to another, but should actually surround oneself by the food, the wine, the culture and the people. And Provence has a unique selection to entice all tastes and preferences. 

Cheryl Robson has written an eloquent tribute to Provence in Provence: People, Places, Food. Complete with magnificent photographs, this book is more than just a coffee table showpiece. She begins with a large section discussing the people who have roots in Provence or chose to make their lives there. Historically, the area has been home to important figures like the Popes of Avignon and the Knights Templar. It was visited and traversed by such historic figures as Napoleon Bonaparte, and it was a treasure trove of artistic inspiration for such painters as Paul Gauguin and many others.

The food, the wine, and the culture of Provence all need to be experienced to be appreciated. Robson provides an in depth perspective of difference cultural practices typical of the area. Food is discussed, complete with some Provencal recipes to tempt the palate. The wine is also discussed in great detail. This is an excellent travel guide to Provence, including anecdotal information about famous people from Provence, the culture, the food and the wine. Excellent photographs.

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