Friday, August 3, 2018

Primal Cuts: Cooking with America's Best Butchers Paperback – March 22, 2016 by Marissa Guggiana (Author), Andrew Zimmern (Introduction), Dario Cecchini (Foreword) (Welcome Books)

I was trying to decided between this book and one other so I checked the reviews and they lead me to buy this one (and the fact it was a woman author didn't hurt). Must say l am a bit disappointed. I thought it would be more about the meat, instead it was more about fawning over the trend and the rockstar, hipster, meat cutters. The equivalent, for me, is when the wine industry dumb down labels (cartoons, cutesy names) to increase sales -especially aimed towards women. Don't get me wrong once and a while I will pick up a bottle of Mad,Psycho-b*tch wine but I am never going to take it seriously.

This book seem to lack the passion that the author clearly must have and instead made it "relevant" for greater sales and that's not bad, just sad that the meat is not the star of a book titled Primal Cuts. Like Darrio Cecchini said in the forward: "always respectful towards the killed animal, with the ethical imperative of always using the meat in the best manner possible, knowing that, since the beginning of time, these animals were given to mankind as a gift from God ".

I absolutely respect the butcher, it's a much harder job than most imagine, even at the grocery store leve. This is not a glamorous job but it's one they can be passionate about. I know, I've talked to a few and I've learned and want to learn more so that when I buy a piece of meat I too use it in the best possible manner.

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