Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jerusalem Stone Paperback – January 27, 2018 by Susan Sofayov (Black Opal Books)

Jerusalem Stone

Jerusalem Stone by Susan Sofayov is an inspirational and engaging story that follows one woman’s journey in search of meaning after being struck by tragedy and loss. Twenty-three-year-old Julie Wasserman loses her job the same day her twin brother and best friend, Jack, is brutally killed in a car accident. Consumed by grief, she resolves to visit her brother’s grave every day. But then having many weeks before the start of her new job, she decides to visit Thailand, the one place her brother had always wanted to go. A chance encounter with an attractive Israeli man at the beach pulls her out of her mourning. She quickly discovers that she is developing feelings for the handsome young Avi and is falling for him — something she sees as betrayal to her brother. But can Avi make her believe that their meeting is more than a coincidence? 

A tale of loss, grief, and romance with surprising twists and turns in the plot that readers won’t see coming. It begins with awesome images of the beach and the reader is immediately introduced to Julie and Avi. I loved the character Avi — handsome, but with a sense of humor and persistence that makes it impossible for Julie to ignore him. The themes of death, loss, grief, solitude, and love are handled with great skill and they are ingeniously embedded in the story. Susan Sofayov’s writing is exquisitely good, with descriptions that are vivid and that conjure up beautiful images and scenes. The author shows a great gift for setting, plot, and character, but it is her ability to unveil strong emotions in the characters that got me. An impeccably good and moving story.

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