Friday, August 10, 2018

Grand Theft History: Exposing King’s Mountain and the Southern Revolution Liberals Want Forgotten Paperback – October 6, 2015 by Ilario Pantano (Post Hill Press)

The research by Pantano to write this book is truly remarkable. All politics aside, this is an incredible account of the bravery and sacrifice the south showed during the revolutionary war. As a northerner, I can honestly say that Pantano is correct that these battles have been unjustly wiped from the history books and this is a story I will have my children read while I they are learning early American history

The explosive truth about America’s Revolution–a bloody civil war that was won largely in the South–that modern liberals have kept buried until now.

At the darkest hour of the American Revolution, in 1780, when there was little reason to hope, the British went down South and overplayed their hand. By burning the bibles of backwoodsmen and threatening their honor, the British ignited a firestorm in the most spectacular, unusual, and decisive battle of the war. Ordinary folk from throughout the Southern colonies spontaneously banded together and rode for hundreds of miles to attack and destroy British forces at King’s Mountain.

The killing didn’t stop at King’s Mountain, but the war did. Never heard of the massacre that saved the American Revolution? No idea that liberty was actually won in the South? Red state values of God, guns and guts are being dismantled by leftists airbrushing our past in order to “transform” our future. Grand Theft History features shocking new evidence that exposes the latest battlefield in the culture wars–American history.

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