Monday, May 14, 2018

My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Promised Land Kindle Edition by Aryeh Green (Plain Sight)

My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Promised Land by [Green, Aryeh]

Deeply moving and profoundly thoughtful, My Israel Trail is a must read for lovers of Israel, nature, and the human spirit. Aryeh Green unabashedly demonstrates his love of the land of Israel, the state of Israel, and the people of Israel. His passion, persistence, and curiosity shine through in this user-friendly, engaging book.

Experience Israel through new eyes as you join Aryeh Green on a 680-mile journey through the promised land. Following a devastating divorce, Aryeh decided to hike the Israel National Trail alone. Along the way, he found healing as he strengthened his relationship with the people, land and state of Israel. This inspiring story shares his descriptions of the stunning places he walked and the myriad breakthroughs he experienced along the way. Aryeh artfully weaves together the lessons learned while hiking which helped him move ahead with his life, based on Jewish and other sources, with a description of the trek itself. A tale of life, love and healing in the land of milk and honey, Aryeh s account is informative, moving, enjoyable and uplifting. A must-read for those who love Israel, are facing personal challenges, or both.
A Story of Life, Love, Loss, and Healing in the Land of Milk & Honey 

Following a devastating divorce, Aryeh Green made the monumental decision to pack a few belongings and hike the Israel Trail alone, not knowing just how much this decision would change his life. Join Aryeh on his 600-mile trek across the ancient and modern promised land as he strengthens his relationship with the people, the land, and the State of Israel, and discover how spiritual healing can be found through humility, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, and purpose.

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