Sunday, June 3, 2018

Vacationing with God Paperback – March 16, 2018 by Jack Lin (XLIBRIS)

This is the story of Jack Linn’s encounters with Holiness; it will, I hope , act as your guide to encounter Holiness as well.

Jack has a scientific educational background but this has not stopped him from encountering holiness throughout the world. Wherever he has traveled he has let himself be open to experience what lies beyond what can be seen or measured. Many of us have thought about doing this, but how many of us have had the courage to do so? It is much easier to just go on to the next tourist attraction, and the next and the next.

Or we can do what Jack Linn has done.

Jack has discovered a way to feel the presence of the divine-go to the place where others have felt the presence of God and be open to experience. Just go to the right place and calmly wait to know the presence of God in this place. Don’t overthink it, don’t read too much about it, just use his book as a way to start your journey.

If you are like me, you are ready but you don’t quite know what to do next. I suggest you read the book-pick one of the places- and then go to that place. This book will tell you what to do next.

Jack’s journey need not be your exact journey. This book is a guide to get started and boost your morale and courage as you find you own path to feeling the presence of the divine. For me the easiest place to start was Jerusalem. Your spot might be any of the other places mentioned in the book-or it might be another place.What is important is that you start your journey! This book will help you.

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