Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad Hardcover by Caroline Glick (Gefen Publishing House)

I'm gonna treasure this book and this author. Man, she can write! She's got the strength, the talent, the courage and the spirit of a warrior, a poet, a decent patriot and freedom lover. She's the best of Israel and the West. This American-Israeli young woman has been on the ground, she knows the people she talks about, she lived what she talks about. She's got the strength of Sampson and the wisdom of Samuel. And the heart of Ruth. I love her.

The themes she writes about are:

-How the Democratic Party has turned to Radical Left positions;
-the de facto existence of the State of Palestine and hos it is run by thugs and heartless criminals, worse than mafia-like;
-the astronomic corruption they have with the billions given them by the UN (the West);
-Israel's political landcape, the names, the facts, the stories;
-the state of affairs in relevant countries like Nigeria, Philippines, Irak, Somalia;
-the Anglican church;
-how US foreign policy is being hijacked by the Saudi family and friends like Condoleeza Rice and Robert Graves;
-constructive feedback on how to win the peace in Irak;
-Vietnam revisited in brief;
-anti-Jewish media in America and how they operate;
-the Iran threat;
-the social landscape of Israel, the state of their freedoms, the tyranny of their Supreme Court, a who's who in Israel;
-the role of the press in Irak, undermining America's effort, causing more lives to be lost than saved by their stupid falling in for the enemy's propaganda;
-the intelligentuse of propaganda by the Palestinians and how their willing serfs in the leftist media in America succumb to their deathly charm;
-the totalitarian state of the Academia in Israel and America, a de facto harakiri of Israel. Asked about the rampant anti-semitism on European campuses, the president of the University of Paris says: "What do you want from us? All we are doing is repeating what we hear from Israeli profesors." Absolute intolerance for the notion that professors with right-wing or even centrist views should be allowed to teach in their departments (of Tel Aviv University): "Over my dead body!" said one professor;
-how Al-Hurra Television started out, financed by American tax-payer money, as a liberal, pro-American alternative to Al-Jazeera, and soon allowed itself to be used as a platform by terrorists from Hezbollah right after former CNN producer Larry Register took control;
-testimonies from the troops on the ground in Irak, the humble silent heroes of the West: "No matter what you do for these people they are going to hate us because they are jealous of what we have. These people haven't made a decent contribution to humanity for over a thousand years. They hate us for our accomplishements.", "hopefully, she'll understand (the soldier's little daughter) that America doesn't exist because of selfishness, but because of individuals who made sacrifices for the greater good." Regretfully, many adults in the Left don't want to understand it.

About the author's stay with the Army in Irak: "I don't know what made me decide to come here, when the opportunity arose, I said yes without a second doubt. But I do know what I am getting out of this experience. I have found my America. And I have discovered that I can never leave Israel. It sits inside of me, stengthens me, and comforts me to the center of my soul."

This girl is too much to be true, but thank God she is true! Boy, she can write, poetically and patriotically.

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