Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Illustrated Dust Jacket, 1920-1970 1st Edition by Martin Salisbury (THames & Hudson)

Excellent. Short introductory sections on different periods and styles of jackets, but most of the book consists of samples of the work of these jacket artists with half- or one-page summaries of their careers: Edward Ardizzone, Boris Artzybasheff, C. W. Bacon, Stanley Badmin, Edward Bawden, Vanessa Bell, Eberhard Binder, Brian Cook, Cleonike 'Cleon' Damianakes, Roger Duvoisin, Susan Einzig, Clifford & Rosemary Ellis, Andre Francois, Eric Fraser, Barnett Freedman, Milton Glaser, Edward Gorey, Duncan Grant, Aubrey Hammond, Arthur Hawkins Jr., Adolf Hoffmeister, Tove Jansson, Barbara Jones, Harold Jones, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Rockwell Kent, Beth & Joe Krush, Alvin Lustig, Robert Micklewright, John Minton, E. Michael Mitchell, John Nash, Mervyn Peake, Celestino Piatti, John Piper, Victor Reinganum, Leonard Rosoman, Kenneth Rowntree, Stephen Russ, George Salter, Ronald Searle, Ben Shahn, Alfred Skrenda, Heather Standring, David Stone Martin, Hans Tisdall, Tomi Ungerer, Keith Vaughan, Fritz Wegner, Paul Wenck, Leslie Wood, Hildegard Woodward, and N. C. Wyeth. All illustrations in color. No doubt every reviewer could name his/her own favorite artists overlooked (and why not? maybe there'll be an expanded edition in the future with, say, Eric Ravilious and Leo & Diane Dillon, to name just a couple), but its already better than every other book I own on the this subject.

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