Thursday, March 29, 2018

Simply Delicious: Creative Cooking for the Kosher Kitchen by Mindy Ginsberg (2015-11-30) Paperback – 1623 by Mindy Ginsberg (Gefen Publishing House )(IBRCookBooks)

This cookbook has simple down to earth recipes that are tasty and are simple to make. I have tried roast chicken with dried fruits and it reminded me if the dish my grandmother used to make. I also liked minced turkey with pine nuts. Next Thanksgivings I will have another dish in my pocket for the left overs.

The book has a unique layout It has a binding at the top, which I thought was an excellent idea and it works great for recipes that fit on one page (and majority of the recipes in this book do). However a few recipes that overflow to the second page and for those you need to flip the book 360 degrees. I think it would have worked better if the pages were printed in the opposite orientation so I could just flip the page.

The book has no calorie information, expected prep time, or how many portions one can get out of each recipe. There are beautiful colorful pictures to mark each new chapter, but recipes do not have photos.

Overall, I like many of the recipes in this cookbook which is the most important thing. I like the spiral binding with vertical orientation. I would have liked to see photos of the final dishes for every recipe.

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