Saturday, March 31, 2018

FAKE NEWS: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump Kindle Edition by David Hutter

Author David Hutter is based in London, earned a degree in creative writing and has worked as a writer and editor for various publications for more than ten years. This appears to be his debut published book.

Offering the concept of the book David also shares his personal approach to the current ‘president’ of the US: ‘Focusing on the Donald's attitude towards North Korea and assorted sycophants from both sides of the pond, this satire imagines what it might be like if the 45th US President was involved in incidents similar to obscure historical events such as Key West’s ‘secession’ from the United States in the 1980s or the military standoff between France and Brazil over whether spiny lobster are fish or not. These events are described at the end of each chapter, with online and book sources provided in case you want to find out more about them.’

FAKE NEWS: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump by [Hutter, David]

David’s synopsis further outlines the content and intent – ‘With fictional Donald Trump anecdotes that are based on the mess created by some of history's greatest megalomaniacs and worst decision-makers, this satire offers the small consolation that while things are bad right now, the world has been here before...’

To offer a ‘for instance’ is better that describing the content of this hilarious satire – ‘It was 4.15am on the January morning after his inauguration day, and the new President of the United States, Donald Trump, was standing by the Georgian windows in the Oval Office, plotting to become the most famous POTUS ever. Looking out into the darkness beyond the frost-covered South Lawn, he spotted the lit-up Washington Monument in the distance. The obelisk reminded him of the nearby Lincoln Memorial, the perversely magnificent marble tribute to someone who, by abolishing slavery, had caused so much grief to the white people that defined America. And suddenly, he had an idea. Sitting down at his desk, he switched on his computer and rang White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who sleepily answered the phone at his home in a leafy, suburban part of nearby Alexandria, Virginia. “Spicer,” he said, while logging on to Twitter, “We’re replacing the statue at the Lincoln Memorial with one of me and renaming the whole thing the Trump Memorial. I’m about to announce it on Twitter, but I need you to tell the media, as well.” Instantly wide awake, Spicer said: “Mr. President, I don’t think that’s a good idea, especially not on your first day in office.” “But I’m the best President ever!” “Yes, but we need more evidence to back it up.” “I’ve got a letter from my doctor saying I’m the healthiest President ever and that my test results were astonishingly excellent.” “I think the media won’t consider that a reason to replace Lincoln’s statue.” “I hate the media,” Trump grumbled. “They treat me very, very unfairly. So, let’s just announce it on Twitter and leave it at that.” “Please don’t do that,” Spicer begged. “Let’s discuss it with the rest of your team first.” Sighing, Trump said: “OK. Let’s have an emergency meeting in twenty minutes.”etc

Then the post script references the similarity to Emperor Caligula of Rome - Caligula pretends to have invaded Great Britain: After a terrific start to Caligula’s short reign as Rome’s ruler things quickly unraveled, epitomised by the fact that he presented his aborted invasion of Great Britain as a success by parading fake prisoners of war and displaying seashells to prove that his army had crossed the English Channel… Given that Caligula also wanted to be treated like a god and arranged “for the most revered or artistically famous statues of the gods” to have “their heads replaced by his own”, it is perhaps not surprising that he rubbed some folk up the wrong way. Less than four years after becoming Emperor, he was murdered, with many high-profile people said to have been either directly involved in, or at least aware of, the plot to assassinate him.’

Every page is filled with facts and fallacies, which under Trump’s manipulation of social media sound quite familiar. Bt it takes a genius like David Hutter to unveil all the humor and unnerving realities we face today.

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