Thursday, March 29, 2018

Food for the Soul: Traditional Jewish Wisdom for Healthy Eating Paperback – 1 May 2008 by Chana Rubin (Gefen Publishing Company) (IBRCookBooks)

The author, a dietician, devotes seventeen easy to read informative chapters to helping her readers improve their health by eating properly. She is Jewish and her advice conforms to Jewish kosher laws, but her advice is good for people of all religions and cultures. However, she writes: “The self-control and discipline required to observe kashrut (the laws of kosher) can be used to help change eating behavior.”
The book contains menus in chapter seventeen that begins on page 179 and continues for over a hundred pages through page 302. These recipes are supplemented with a recipe index for items such as indexes for soups, breakfasts, lunches, suppers, salads, vegetables, and what to eat on various holidays. Rubin also includes twenty tables on subjects such as: how to burn 150 calories, comparing the calories of juices and fruits, what’s in an 8-ounce cup of milk, and sources of unwanted sugars. Her book includes valuable advice, such as the following:
• Leave the table before you are full because it takes twenty minutes after eating until a person feels that his or her stomach is full.
• How to decipher food labels.
• What are nutritional facts?
• What are good fats?
• “Cholesterol free” does not mean “fat free.”
• What happens when you eat a bagel?
• Try to eat fish twice a week.
• Men can drink two drinks a day but women only one.
• And much much more.

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