Wednesday, July 4, 2018

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Nurse During the American Civil War!: A Job That's Not for the Squeamish Paperback – September 1, 2010 by Kathryn Senior (Author), David Salariya (Creator), Mark Bergin (Illustrator) (Franklin Watts/ Scholastic) (IBRChildrensBooks)

From the bloody battlefields of Gettysburg to Shiloh, this book shows young readers what life was like for nurses who cared for both Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

Series Information This delightful series brings something unusual to the study of history: humor. The You Wouldn't Want to... series revels in the darker side of life in ancient times. The reader is on center stage as he or she gets a tour through life as a slave, warrior, explorer, and even a mummy! Hilarious illustrations, captions, and sidebars leave no doubt that you simply wouldn't want to be there.
Series Features
Perfect resource for reluctant readers with:
• humor and history tied to curriculum
• entertaining sidebars to pique reader's curiosity
• comprehensive glossary to support content
• index to make navigating subject matter easier

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