Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian ( Westland)

"The bestseller she wrote" is a mixture of ambition, love, betrayal, redemption, sleaze, cheating all in one novel. This novel is different not only in terms of the background story which Ravi is famous for (Banking thriller) but also the genre.

For those who have seen Ravi advocating marketing of books like any product during TED Talks will realize that he has used the same set up while creating Aditya Kapoor's character. Shreya's character represent the other school of thought and that's where they both get connected or rather get attracted.

Later on Aditya gets drifted towards her in twist of turn and the story paces it into full throttle. He betrays his family only to figure out later being that he has been a victim of a conspiracy. The pace of the story is fast and narration lucid. At some point though you will feel that there has been an extra bit of juicy content being put which is again a deviation from Ravi's earlier banking thrillers.

Nevertheless, this novel also drills down into the world of publishing and let the reader know how difficult it is to get published.Not may would know the term "slush of pile" being referred for the stack of manuscripts. As they say, the most easiest part of book world is writing the book. It's a difficult journey to get it published and make it to the best seller list.

Maya, Aditya's wife, is a strong willed character who has supported her husband. Her world shatters down when she comes to know about his affair with Shreya while returning from France. The same night she gets infected by Ebola virus and has to be admitted into a hospital in emergency wherein she gets saved by an injection which hadn't been used frequently.

During the last part of the novel, the mystery unfolds as Aditya almost gets into sexual harassment case filed by Shreya and also use of Plagiarized content used in his books. To make matter worst, Maya send him divorce papers to be signed. Amidst all this turmoil, Aditya looks well in control and seizes the opportunity to turn the table back on Sherya and his conspirator friend Sanjay in a twister, during Shreya's book launch event. He uses the media to get everything back whatever he had lost and come back as winner!

It's surely a page turner but not a thriller as Ravi's Fans are used to. All in all a good one time read and I finished it at one go.

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