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Best Microsoft Excel Books published by Wiley, Que Publishing and others

Top 10 Best Excel Books – In this age of internet, people rarely rely on books to find out the answers or learn a new skill or two. They have an internet connection and their best friend “Google” and every answer they need, they would get within a few seconds of wait. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? Then why should someone consult books in the first place?

Excel is something people learn by searching in the Google. But if you want to make your learning comprehensive, internet won’t be able to help you always. There would be something or the other missing from your open/free courses that you would only find in books.

That doesn’t mean we’re recommending you to not join in the courses that you find useful. We are only saying that if you keep these 10 books as your supporting allies, you will learn much better.

So, want to know the 10 best books on excel? Read on. We will give a review and the best takeaway from each book and also the details of the book.

Let’s get started.
#1 – Microsoft Excel 2016 Bible: The Comprehensive Tutorial Resource

by John Walkenbach

This is one of the most revered books on excel in recent times. Let’s have a look at the brief review and the best takeaways from the book.

There are several excel books in the market which promise to be an ally to students and teachers, however, they turn out to be a complete waste of time at the first place. But this book is one of the most sought after books on excel and people from all walks of life have recommended this book to everyone, whoever wants to learn excel at a deeper level. This particular book is used as a tool for advanced excel for top level MBA programs as well as for people who love learning by themselves. Very detailed and the research in the book is commendable.

If you’re a sincere student of excel, you will get a lot out of this book. Here are the best takeaways from the book –
By using this top excel book, you would be able to create functional spread-sheets that you would be able to use in every minor to major thing possible.
You would be able to make charts and integrate graphics into your content or report to improve visibility and influence.
You would also be able to visualize data using conditional formatting and use advanced features in excel.
Lastly, by using this book, you would be able to make the most of add-ins in your excel spread-sheets.Get it here >>

#2 – Excel: Quick Start Guide from Beginner to Expert (Excel, Microsoft Office)

by William Fischer

This top excel book is equally comprehensive as the name suggests but the most important part of this book is its price. It’s much cheaper than any comprehensive book on excel.

Let’s say that it’s your first job and you need a reference guide which will aid you in learning the basic excel formulas to advanced concepts, what should you do? You should pick up this book and follow the instruction, and you would learn almost everything that you need to learn to earn professional proficiency. From charts to data modelling, from pivot models to dashboard design, you will learn almost everything and even when you’re going for any core domains like data scientist, data analysis, this book would greatly help you as reference guide.

Compared to the price you need to pay to buy this book, you can call it a no-nonsense guide to learn excel (from basics to advanced). Let’s find out the best takeaways of the book –
This excel book is for everybody. If you’re a beginner, you can refer this book. And even if you’re an expert in excel, you will still learn something from the book. So it’s a comprehensive book and can be used as a great reference for all your professional and personal requirements.
The examples used in this book are easy and straightforward which makes learning easier.
The short-cut keys mentioned in the book are very useful and will save you a ton of time.Get it here >>

#3 – Excel 2016 for Dummies (Excel for Dummies)

by Greg Harvey

Dummies books are always un-put-down-able. Once you decide to learn something new, you can pick up a book on dummies and you will learn a ton. This book on excel is no different.

Like other two top excel books mentioned above, this book is also equally comprehensive. If you want to create beautiful charts and any kind of tables in excel, this book will teach a great deal. This according to the readers is a great addition to the dummies series.

You will learn a lot from this book. Here are the best takeaways –
No matter where you are at this moment, this book will get you started. You will get to learn to create worksheets, use formulas, integrate graphs, learn formatting and more as you go along with the book.
You will also be able to make changes in data, learn about transferring data between different workbooks, organize any sort of information and create chart.
This is a great guide even if you hate learning excel. This is so comprehensive and easy to learn that you can take one sip at a time and learn as much as you need.Get it here >>

#4 – Power Pivot and Power BI: The Excel User’s Guide to DAX, Power Query, Power BI & Power Pivot in Excel 2010-2016

by Rob Collie and Avichal Singh

As the title suggests, this book is for people who need excel for four things – Power Query, Power BI, DAX and Powerpivot. Let’s look at the review of the book and the best takeaways.

This best excel book is a masterpiece. People who need Power Pivot for their professional requirement revere this book as one and only reference guide. Back in 2012, the edition was almost full proof. In this edition, it has been refined more and now it’s the perfect guide for professionals and students. It’s formatted beautifully and very easy to use. If you want to know any of these core areas in depth, this is a must have in your shelf.

This advanced excel book is not for beginners; so if you’re a beginner it’s better that you try out any one of the above three before picking up this book. This book will assume that you have enough knowledge in the basic pivot tables, relationships and databases and then it will teach you how you can get started with DAX and Power Pivot. The writing style is very lucid and people from all walks of life would greatly benefit from this book.Get it here >>

#5 – Building Financial Models with Microsoft Excel: A Guide for Business Professionals, (MISL-WILEY)

by K. Scott Proctor

Coming to the financial modelling, it’s complex and for professionals who need to know advanced excel at much more deeper level. Let’s look at the review and the best takeaways.

If you’re new to financial modelling and don’t have a clue where to start, pick up this book and dive in. This book will help you build financial models from scratch. Many finance professionals are acquainted with financial modelling, but very few are familiar with consolidated financial statements analysis and projections. This book will help you build that skill. This book will also come with a CD which will help you save the effort and time to go online and download the sheets and workbooks. The only possible flaw is this book is little old (for 2007 excel), but most of the methods mentioned here work similarly in the recent versions of excel.
It will teach you how you can build financial models from scratch even when you’re a beginner.
You will learn how to integrate many financial statements like cash flow statement, balance sheet and income statement into one.
It will also teach you how you can present the financial models. Get it here >>

#6 – Predictive Analytics: Microsoft Excel

by Conrad Carlberg

This book is different in context and covers mostly practical problems. Let’s have a glance at the reviews and best takeaways.

This advanced excel book is not for beginners. This is for people who already have some sort of experience in excel should go for this book. This book is about predictive analytics and how you can solve practical problems in marketing, finance and in other domains by using excel. You will build skills which will help you reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance revenues and build momentum in your business or professional activities. You will also get a collection of downloadable excel workbooks plus VBA code.
You will learn to use data to make better tactical decisions.
You will find out the right analytics techniques for each real life problem.
You will learn to use excel to solve real life problems.
You will learn about managing huge variables and datasets.Get it here >>

#7 – Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools for Excel Analysts (WILEY)

by Michael Alexander, Jared Decker & Bernard Wehbe

Every business is always looking for a competitive advantage. Business Intelligence can be yours if you pick up this book and apply its principles. Let’s have a look at the review and the best takeaways.

This best excel advanced book is particularly useful for business analysts because business intelligence is their domain of work. But that doesn’t mean you as a business owner can get access to this incredible book. This book is not for beginners. To pick up this book, you at least need a basic overview of excel functions and formulas. This book will teach you to be more efficient with Microsoft Business Intelligence tools like Power Pivot, Power Query & Power View.
This is the best excel book you can find on linking files and extracting clear and solid summaries.
Business analysts need to understand the pattern to make an informed decision. This book will teach them how to bring all the files together within few hours.
It’s for people who are at advanced level in excel, but it’s very lucid and easy to understand.Get it here >>

#8 – Excel Macros For Dummies

by Michael Alexandar

This one again is from Dummies. Dummies series always stand out. This one does too. Have a look at the review and best takeaways.

This is one of most sought after excel macro books in recent times. Once you finish up this book, you would be able to implement and use over 70 macros and save time and become more productive as a result. You will also learn how to use macros and how you can customize them.
You will learn Macros 101. You will get to know how macros are used; understand VBA and VBE (Visual Basic Editor).
You will get a workbook workshop that will teach you how you can automate tasks using macros.
You will learn how macros help you navigate spread-sheets and scrub, shape and manipulate data.
You will also learn how macros can help you automate pivot table and chart tasks.Get it here >>

#9 – Excel 2016 from Scratch: Excel course with demos and exercises

by Peter Kalmstrom

This is another book on pure excel. Let’s have an overview of the same.

This best excel book is perfect for people who are beginners as well as those who have advanced knowledge in excel. The main focus of this book is on the calculations and visualizations where most people get stuck. It’s not only applicable for Microsoft 2016 version; you can use this book for older versions as well.

Best takeaways: You will learn everything in excel, step by step. Moreover, along with this book, you will get a vault of 60 articles with video demonstrations and downloadable exercises which will give you practical ways to learn excel.Get it here >>

#10 – Excel Charts

by John Walkenbach

This book is for mastering excel-charts. Let’s see the review and best takeaways.

Most of the professionals use Excel for making calculations and as business tools for making solid decisions. But this book concentrates on visual representations of data. You would learn to select the right charts for appropriate visual representations, to modify the data in the charts and to give a professional appearance. But this book is not for newbies. You need to know Excel at foundational level to be able to justify the content of this book.
You will be able to create high impact charts for business as well as for educational purpose.
You will learn to customize charts with graphics, shapes and pictures.
You will also learn to use interactive charts.
You will learn to use VBA to create and modify charts.

These 10 books will help you become the master of excel. If you pick up all 10 and decide to study and apply all that you learn, soon enough, you will become an authority in Microsoft Excel.


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