Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Central Station by Lavie Tidhar, , Tachyon

Central Station.  Tidhar, Lavie (author).
May 2016. 240p. Tachyon, paperback, $15.95 (9781616962142).

In the future, Earth has been ravaged by numerous wars, and many of its inhabitants have fled to the unknown frontier that is space. Connecting space and Earth is Central Station, a space hub that floats above the decrepit city of Tel Aviv. Humans, robots, and aliens alike contribute to the hustle and bustle of Central Station, and their stories are told in World Fantasy Award-winner Tidhar’s latest. Readers meet many different characters, but unfortunately, none seem fleshed out enough for the reader to connect with. Tidhar spends more time on the philosophy of the Conversation, a constant mental data stream to which everyone contributes, than on forming the characters, which makes for a challenging read. Still, the novel is thought-provoking about the future of reality and our constant need for data. Fans of Tidhar and other thought-provoking science fiction may enjoy this highly intellectual novel.

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