Saturday, September 24, 2016

Israel Book Review

The Israel Book Review is and always has been a hard copy publication with an increasing  presence on the Internet. It is now  published 16 times a year.  The Israel Book Review promotes English Literacy in Israel. It has been sponsored by the Rothschild, Baker-Darori and Kesselheim Foundations  since it was founded in 1986 and starting from June 2009  the Israeli Education Ministry  ( English Division)  has contributed over 80% of the costs and in particular has assisted with its now wide distribution in Israel. 88,000 copies are currently printed which are distributed free of charge to all Israeli University, most Colleges and an increasing number of  High Schools in Israel. Each issue consists of 60 pages of book reviews and  articles based on one or more book with particular interest on the Middle East ,obviously, and with secondary interests that include world history, politics, art,contemporary culture including interior decorating ,cooking (a very popular subject) and, English Literature . The Israel Book Review devotes 12 pages in each issue to reviews of English children's books and is a consultant to  the Ministry of Education with regard to recommendations of English children's books that it purchases in  large quantities for all Municipal Libraries in Israel. 

The aim of the Israel Book Review is to pull students away from poorly written internet blogs and news reports that are streamed via Facebook , Twitter and other social media blogs  and put a well written hard copy publication devoted to book reviews in their hands  and encourage to broaden their reading material.We will accept books for review in any format but quite obviously hard  and soft copy is very much preferred. A large team of Anglo Saxon University and College lecturers ( and some students) write the book reviews . All book reviews include information where the books can be purchased  . Almost every new English book purchased  is done online largely from Amazon.English is one of three compulsory subjects in the Israeli Matriculation. The others are the Hebrew Language and Mathematics. 

Copies of book reviews will be forwarded to the publisher shortly after they appear in the Israel Book Review. Those reviews that are  syndicated in leading Israeli newspapers and magazines and published in Hebrew and Arabic will be accompanied by translations to English. 

The Israel Book Review welcomes unsolicited books for review in particular on the Middle East, Israel, and Children's Books

 Please add my name to receive your digital copies of your seasonal catalogs ,press releases  and newsletters and  also those of your imprints, subsidiaries and partners. If you still produce hard copies of your catalogs these too are always welcome.

Yours faithfully
Stephen Darori


Physical Address
Professor Stephen Darori
(Phone: 052-7234313)
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Israel Book Review
Rechov Chana Senesh 16 Suite 2
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Phone number : 972-52-7234313

Israel Book Review blogs some ( but by no means all) of the books  my students and I  recently reviewed:

Courier Services: DHL and Fedex are our preferred courier service. Please send book parcels DDP/ DDF. There is generally no custom duty on books in Israel. DDP/ DDF guarentees smooth passage through the bureaucratic custom's process without unnecessary time delays 

 Other options include iParcel Post and  UPS and many other smaller courier services are also options.US Postal service  and Royal Mail (ordinary parcel post)  are the options most often used.

 EMS and TNT  should not be used. There  delivery service in Israel is pathetic and inefficient. TNT's is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fedex and is been downsized and will close  by the end of 2016 . Use Fedex instead.  

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