Sunday, August 12, 2018

Michael Dunev: Parallax Hardcover – January 26, 2016 by Stuart Denenberg (Author), Robert Johnson (Author), Michael Kenna (Author), Michael Dunev (Photographer) (Ediciones Poligrafa)

This book is a rich collection of images that highlight passion, imagination and the immense and immeasurable reincarnation of classical beauty in this world, ranging from ghostly vignettes, to elemental architectural forms, to spare landscapes, to vibrant portraits that pull you in with their intimacy & intensity. Unifying this vision are an acute aesthetic sensibility, a respect for natural forms at their purest, & a deep engagement with universal human emotions. With its breadth, Parallax expands your world view as it narrows your focus to irretrievable moments in time. Hopefully, only the first book of many to follow by a singular photographer.

Parallax offers an overview of the elegant photographic work of British art dealer and gallerist Michael Dunev (born 1953). With images from time spent in Peru, Mexico, the United States and Europe, this book traces his personal development in photography since 1970.


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