Monday, June 11, 2018

The Paleo Healing Cookbook: Nourishing Recipes for Vibrant Health Hardcover – March 24, 2015 by Rachael Bryant (Page Street Publishing) (IBRCookBooks)

This is by far the best AIP cookbook we have tried. I'm 19, and my older sisters and I cook out of it nearly every day. The recipes are as flavorful, and sometimes even more interesting to cook, than regular paleo. Rachael Bryant did a fine job of making creative, gourmet, AIP friendly foods that I wouldn't hesitate to serve to non-paleo friends. Who would think that you could make a delicious chili without tomatoes, beans and the regular nightshade spices? Rachael Bryant did, and our whole family thinks it is the best chili we've ever had. This book is worth having, even if you don't eat AIP or paleo. It uses so many different spices and seasonings, that it will pleasantly vary the way you eat and you will never miss grains or nightshades or seed spices or eggs or dairy or nuts. Some of the spices can be a challenge to find, but it is well worth the effort to search for them. The BBQ Sauce is the best AIP version that we have tried. The Taco Spice Seasoning has enabled me to make the whole family plain old everyday meat tacos. These flavorings are long unsung, but we have all benefited from expanding our palates. The Rosemary Flatbread is also a hit.

From the Mama, who is the reason we are eating AIP: Do treat yourself to a copy of this book. It is a creative and flavorful work of art. My children cook from it several times a week, and we have never yet been disappointed. We have our dinner foods at breakfast time, and it is a boon for the entire family that the children can open a paleo cookbook and simply follow the recipe, no substitutions required. My favorites: Cuban Picadillo, Chicken "Curry" (even better day old and cold), No-nightshade Salsa, Cod with Berry Salsa. One of the difficulties of autoimmune disease is a less than robust appetite. These recipes have tempted me back to the table, and now I can enjoy my meal instead of just enduring it for my health's sake. And I forgot to mention the Artichoke Dip....delicious as a pizza sauce. My younger teens also eat heartily from these recipes.

Not quite as important as the quality of the recipes is the fact that the author is not overly chatty or too cute by half. The photos are accurate and helpful. My children have long been competent cooks; Nourish has made them downright inspired.

I have been able to find the stranger ingredients on Amazon (dried shrimp), Mountain Rose Herbs online (mace, turmeric, and every other organic herb and spice and tea) and Thrive Market online (ume plum vinegar and fish sauce and coconut aminos).

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