Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The New York Times: 36 Hours Latin America & The Caribbean Flexibound – by Barbara Ireland (Taschen)

The books is beautiful and includes insights into places that sometimes not even the natives know which is a huge plus. But In Latin America and the Caribbean is common for places and restaurants to close after only a couple of years so a lot of the information regarding Brazil, Argentina, Peru is not updated. I followed their online articles for up to date tips.

Dream weekends and practical travel itineraries in Latin America and the Caribbean

Covering a span of terrain stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, Latin America and the Caribbean harbor a wealth of enticing destinations. Stylishly written and carefully researched, this updated and expanded collection of the New York Times' popular 36 Hours feature offers you 60 well-crafted itineraries for quick but memorable trips, accompanied by hundreds of color photographs to fire your imagination. Explore the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas; try your hand at surfing in Costa Rica, tango in Buenos Aires; discover frenetic megacities, ancient ruins, tranquil beaches, and tropical rainforests...from the expected (the cloud forest in Costa Rica, snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, urban beach culture at Ipanema) to the unexpected (a concert hall in Trinidad for steel-band music, the Colombian walled city of Cartagena, an Antiguan peak named for Barack Obama)—it’s all here in this handsomely designed and illustrated book.


2,160 hours worth of insightful itineraries to make the most of your stay
60 destinations, from major cities to lesser–known gems
Practical recommendations for over 250 restaurants and 200 hotels
Color-coded tabs and ribbons to bookmark your favorite cities in each region
Nearly 400 photos
Illustrations by Olimpia Zagnoli
Easy-to-reference indexes
Detailed city-by-city maps pinpoint every stop on your itinerary

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