Monday, June 11, 2018

The Low Glycal Diet: How to Shed Fat Effortlessly Without Being Hungry or Cutting Out Carbs Hardcover – December 29, 2015 by Jeffrey Dunham (Page Street Publishing) (IBRCookBooks)

This book is awesome. I love that it is written in easy to understand language. And is a shot read laying the foundation, then gets to the program. I have been on so many diets for so many years only to keep gaining the weight back. Many have been restrictive, not easy to stick with. I have done low glycemic but this makes far more sense. I am also starting "Lose if for life" to deal with reasons I keep gaining. I know I tend to be a comfort eater, so diet alone is not my answer. Getting to the root cause is priority, and because low glycemic is part of the LIFL plan, low glycal is a perfect fit and a lifestyle change I am confidant I can adopt. The app for calculating meal combos is so easy. I love it. I will update how I am doing on this in about six weeks. Today is day one eating. No hunger tonight.

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