Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Bridal Canopy by S.Y. Agnon ( The Toby Press)

You really should read this book and enjoy those jokes only the wiseman that is fluent in Aramaic and also studied for decades can understand fully. S. Y. Agnon was a wiseman in the traditional old world Jewish way : he was relieved to be a writer for it allowed him respite from the tedious, life consuming and marrow draining experience of a huge, maybe bigger than his own dreams, appeal to the only god he knew for to ask him to help his slave the estimated writer himself gain access and holiness from the holy Torah as an educated Jew should’ve done back in these unsung days of real poverty and helplessness. He was a student from the cradle to the grave as every other Jewish man. He broke free from the dictated words to create his own unique voice in a world that sanctified what has been and rejected the present as mediocre and not up to par with the testimony of the sages. In my opinion they were both wrong and right but regardless when the great author broke the walls of his own people he discovered that it is possible to create new words and ideas, descriptions and stories. Reading this book is really a sad tale of the ascendency to one personal life of pain and confusion blended with the joy and freshness of creating your own way in a world of old crumbled words. Salute the man that explored his own people’s beliefs and prevailed

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