Monday, June 11, 2018

More BBQ and Grilling for the Big Green Egg and Other Kamado-Style Cookers: An Independent Cookbook Including New Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Roasting Recipes Paperback – March 29, 2016 by Eric Mitchell (Page Street Publishing) (IBRCookBooks)

All I can Say is "WOW" - Honestly - A Huge Thank you to the author Eric Mitchell! His first book walked me through the steps of getting familiar with my Kamado and this follow up is just mind blowing! It is absolutely Beautiful!! The entire book is Magical and the photography is gorgeous! All of the recipes are Over-the-top Awesome! - P82 Tandoori Chicken!!! (I Just Knew it was going to be in there!!) I'm an avid BBQ enthusiast who came across the Big Green Egg two years ago for the first time. I am in Texas and have tried just about every type of outdoor cooking. I purchased an egg and a few cookbooks and started a passionate venture that really feels more like a calling. I haven't touched my barrel smoker, my weber, or my propane Viking grill since my discovery of the Egg. When I started to use this author's first book I immediately became a student. I first took notice to the fact that each recipe includes instructions from start to finish including how to set up the egg each and every time. His techniques are easy to follow and adapt to and he consistently makes it easy to check (and recheck) the entire process without having to reference anything other than the page you are working off of. I quickly went from being "Green" (Had to say it) - to becoming widely known as the best cook in my circle of friends and family. I have recently completed each and every recipe in the first book "Smoke It like a Pro" and this new book proves to be another amazing adventure. The techniques and instructions in this edition are very straight forward and are never hard to follow - I have never failed on a single recipe I have gone after and I feel like a pro each and every time. Seriously - I'm writing this review with pure gratitude. I purchased the first book six times over to give to friends as a gift and I have already purchased this one again ;)

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