Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ephesos: The Beauty of Destruction | Bir Harabenin Cazibesi | Der Reiz der Zerstörung by Sabine Ladstätter and Lois Lammerhuber (Edition Lammerhuber )

120 years ago the first permission was granted for archaeological excavations in Ephesos. The signature of Emperor Franz Josef I laid the foundation for one of the most prominent excavation enterprises in the world and to this day it has lost none of its significance for science or its fascination for visitors.

The pulsating, cosmopolitan metropolis of antiquity may have turned into a site of ruins, but here, more than anywhere else, archaeology has succeeded in bringing past eras into the focus of both science and the public. Today more than 2 million people visit Ephesos every year indisputable proof of the fascination and interest that earlier cultures can arouse as well as confirmation for the relevance and topicality of archaeological research.

In their joint book project, archaeologist Sabine Ladstätter and photographer Lois Lammerhuber venture behind the historical front. Central for them is the economic role of Ephesos as antique trading town, modern archaeological enterprise and visitor magnet.

Text in English, German and Turkish.

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