Monday, June 11, 2018

Easy Gourmet: Awesome Recipes Anyone Can Cook Paperback – September 2, 2014 by Stephanie Le (Page Street Publishing) (IBRCookBooks)

This is a wonderful  book, although some of the recipes require impossible to acquire ingredients (a minority). Some of the recipes are extremely basic and are included as filler (in my opinion). For instance, I don't need a recipe for glazed carrots. The nice part about this book is that it has nice images of every dish. It's not spectacular, and I am not sure it was worth the price for content I could just get from the author's blog for free, but if you'd like something you can hold in your hands, it's better than a lot of other "pop" cookbooks released in recent years. It's a lot better than cookbooks recently released by FoodTV stars Giada and Rachel Ray. I would say maybe 50% of the recipes are actually things I might care to make. I'd also appreciate large portion sizes on the supplied recipes but I guess they are easy enough to scale up. This book is touted as easy gourmet, but I thought a lot of the dishes would take 90+ minutes of prep time which is not easy to me. I recommend the book with reservations. At least it's not very expensive.

Stephanie Le, creator of I am a Food Blog, has written her first cookbook, Easy Gourmet. Her gorgeous mouth-watering photography, strong friendly voice, and incredibly delicious recipes come together in this easy-to-follow cookbook that belongs in every kitchen.
Beautifully depicting the foods we all want to be cooking and eating, Easy Gourmet is full of updated modern twists on your favorite classics like Chicken and Waffles, Maple-Glazed Duck, Miso Cod and Quinoa, and Sriracha Hot Wings.

Her must-have recipes cover every meal and everything in between, all paired with stunning photography and clean, modern design. As a bonus, all the photographs in Easy Gourmet were taken and styled personally by Le - adding that signature I am a Food Blog touch.

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