Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Democracy Betrayed: How Superdelegates, Redistricting, Party Insiders, and the Electoral College Rigged the 2016 Election Hardcover – March 6, 2018 by Steven Rosenfeld (Author), David Talbot (Foreword) (Hot Books / Skyhorse Publishing)

Attempts to steal elections―successfully and unsuccessfully―are not new in American politics; but the Republican party, of late, has elevated this practice to both an art form and business model. Read this book and understand how the game is run and learn how to fight voter suppression and illegal gerrymandering, that target people of color, the young and the poor. The stakes are high as the integrity of voting rights is the bedrock of democracy.
Not only are campaigns a nasty business, so too are elections themselves. We have less to worry about when there are landslides but it gets ugly and scary when the elections are close. Then we learn about dirty tricks, voter suppression, lazy poll workers, poorly trained election commissioners, and hyper-partisan election officials who serve the party above all. Steven Rosenfeld is one of the best reporters I have met in the four decades I have been around. Anyone who truly cares about our democracy has to read this book.
Following the 2004 stolen election, I had the privilege of cowriting books about election rigging that happened in Ohio with Steve Rosenfeld. This new book is the best single dissection of how American elections are still being rigged. His voice is factual, analytical, and essential if you want to truly understand what transpired in 2016: the nominating of the two most unpopular candidates in US history and the election of Donald Trump. He also captures the essence of the dirty deeds done during the Wisconsin recount. The book serves as a provocative cross between Hunter S. Thompson and Teddy White
What it’s going to take for progressives to win in 2018 and beyond fills this book. For most of this decade, in too many states, the voting process has betrayed our democracy. This book breaks down that nasty history, identifies the partisan and bureaucratic obstacles, and concretely describes the turnout wave that’s needed to end up winning.

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