Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine Reprint Edition by Ilan Pappe (OneWorld Publications)

Excellent description of the ethnic cleansing done by European and Russian-Asian Jews against the native people actually living in Palestine. Events closely match what I have heard from my Palestinian neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

I have nothing against the idea of a Jewish homeland. God knows, they've been through enough. (I'd rather my country take in these Jews, most of whom I'd welcome as neighbors, and leave the Palestinians alone to sort themselves out.)

But their treatment of the natives, Zionist nationalism, theft, imprisonment, racism, and murder, WHICH CONTINUE TODAY is totally unacceptable. So are the ongoing lies and covering up of actions that are very similar to what the Nazis did to them. One would expect much, much better from the Israelis, but it seems that the self-proclaimed "God's Chosen People" chose vicious nationalism instead of compassion.

And we Americans continue to blindly support this evil with $5 billion per year. That's about $130 million per day that goes to welfare in a foreign country that we could spend on our own hospitals, schools, and national debt. Who pays for this ethnic cleansing? The USA does. My involuntary tax money pays for it.

What is most shocking is many peoples' resistance to abandoning the Zionist fairy tales of saintliness and victimhood.

We all know about the self-defeating idiocy of American PC-ism, keeping people from discussing contentious issues or challenging the official view. This topic, however, seems to cause even more painful cognitive dissonance when someone encounters really obvious and simple challenges to the Zionist narrative than anything else I've experienced.

I cannot believe that people actually buy these dehumanizing myths:
- that there never were a Palestinian people (yes, they are the non-Jewish natives, mostly Sunni, who were dispossessed by the Jewish European colonists and who did not accept their new rulers)
- that the natives never belonged there (yes, they have been there for many centuries.)
- that Jews were the original inhabitants of the region and therefore the land belongs to them (nonsense, the ancient Israelites, following the Exodus, murdered, raped, destroyed, and "cleansed" the region of the inhabitants - much like ISIS does today. This is all quite clear in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.)
- the natives just up and left, giving the land to the Jewish colonists (read Pappe and learn about Jewish mobs driving out the natives at gunpoint, putting them in camps, and even poisoning water supplies with typhus)

America needs to cut ties to this fascist country and extricate itself from Arab oil. After the blood and dust settle we will find ourselves in a safer and more ethical, albeit still imperfect, world.

It is important to read and understand this book as well as to know where our tax money is going as we are also culpable of these ongoing crimes against humanity.

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