Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Le Repertoire De La Cuisine: The World Renowned Classic Used by the Experts Hardcover by Louis Saulnier (Author), E. Brunet (Translator), Jacques Pepin (Introduction), George Lang (Introduction) (Barron's Educational Series) (IBRCookBooks)

One of the first Chefs that I trained under in 1982 passed along this Tome of French Culinary preparation methods, ingredients and terminology. Spattered with hot and cold line spills, blood and sweat and dog eared I poured into this little book and gained insight into the classical methodologies of French cuisine handed down by Auguste Escoffier. This little book contains thousands of dishes, it piques your creative skills as there are no step by step recipes as the Master Escoffier penned during his lifetime. What you have are ingredients, plate and garnish. What you have is one of the finest reference guides that you're going to reach for whether researching classical gastronomy, building fusions or just taking a well needed break from the trenches.
We cook to feed, because of the love of creating, serving and touring the dining rooms is embedded in our soul.
I highly recommend this book, it belongs in your hands whether you're a seasoned professional, homemaker, aspiring cook moving up in the ranks or a cook book collector. I guarantee it will stay in your library for a long time.

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