Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance Paperback by Barack Obama (broadway Books)

It's clear how from Obama's life how he became such a eloquent, elegant, intellectual, disciplined, balanced and compassionate man. I am impressed at how fascinating his life has been and by that I mean before his presidency. I am a big fan of Obama and his family based on what he achieved as our 44th president but after reading the book I know he earned every bit of his soulful nature. Well written and enjoyably readable, he is candid about his achievements and failures. His humanness but yet his extraordinary perseverance make him a fascinating main character. I particularly liked reading about his family in Africa and the time he spent with them. I have no doubt how formative it was for him to be a biracial, half African, half midwestern American living his childhood largely with his grandparents in Oahu having also spent a few of his young years in Indonesia with his mother and stepfather. This is a treat to read!!!!

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