Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney (Revised Edition) Revised Edition by Martin Gayford (Thames & Hudson)

What a delightfully written book about an artist who is willing to share so much about himself with the reader. The dialogue is easy and enjoyable to read with the right balance of conversations along with informative facts and illustrations. It is easy to see why Hockney's personna is bigger than his art, no other contemporary artist has studied the science and art of making two dimensional art from the three dimensional world as much as Hockney and then been willing to answer questions about his philosophy and art and also be filmed numerous times while painting makes him perhaps the most revealed and beloved artist of our time. Any book on Hockney becomes dated quickly as he is constantly reinventing his art, this book adds some of his latest endeavors into technology and photography using 9 cameras at the same time to record a scene that earlier would have just used one camera. Wow, what a genius, let's hope he lives and produces for another 20 years!

The reproductions of his work are numerous, but many are too small to be enjoy to their fullest, also the quality of the paper is below most standards for art reproductions but fine for the text and perhaps it is part of the balancing act between the text and images. The dialogue and author's note make for easy and enjoyable reading, the chapters are short making it easy to read several during a break. If you are a Hockney fan and want to see examples of his latest works and thoughts then buy this soon before it sells out like many of his other recent art books.

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